Ingress Industrial (Thailand) Public Company Limited or INGRS was establish on 13th March, 2014 and successfully listed its shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”) on 9th August 2017. As off today, INGRS is operating its manufacturing facilities through a total of 11 companies with presence in 4 countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India). The operations are managed by two investment holding companies in Thailand and Malaysia.

INGRS business operations are supported by technical collaboration partners from the local experts, Japan and Korea, equipped with full in-house capabilities to manufacture both products as well as tooling design and fabrications. Our enhanced manufacturing concept mainly focused on improving quality, productivity, safety and morale by implementing automation system throughout the Group.

Our business in manufacturing and supply of automotive components to the major automakers or OEMs, most of which are the world leading automaking companies from Japan, the U.S. and Europe. The business also includes the Automation Solution Provider, capitalizing our in-house technical expertise. The Automation Solution Provider is the relevant business which main channel to enhance the efficiency in the manufacturing process of the INGRS business.

Not only to cater for local OEMs in each country, INGRS products are also being exported to the OEMs in Brazil, North America, Argentina and South Africa. This global market penetration will assist the Group to have strong base in implementing the strategies to expand our core business into widely competitive markets in other countries around the world, which conforms to the Group’s mission to be An Asean Companywith a Global Reach.